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Our patent pending AI technology helps you create Smart Security Awareness Solutions that turn your workforce's risky security habits into strengths.

Become a Security Awareness Genius.

Create Powerful & Immersive Security Education in minutes. Reduce malware outbreaks by 60%.

Cyber Threats Unlocked

Stay on top of phishing attacks because our mining technology searches the web daily.

Set it and Forget it Phishing

Provide an immersive & Adaptive phishing experience to your end users that is 100% AI powered.

Entertaining Security Training

Smart and fun training your users with micro training videos, pop quizzes, and newsletters.

Super Easy Integration

Start building your user-training platform with us. There are so many ways to get started! Choose one!


Brand Building

We offer co-branding and sole branding opportunties for the product.


Amazing Support

We offer amazing support to your end users and internal team.


Developer Access

Create custom phishing simulations and trainings that perfectly integrates with your vision.


Low Code & Easy Documentation

We made the API super easy to understand with code examples to get started fast.


Easy Access

Your users will be able to access the HacWare plaform from one sign-on feature.


Organic Growth

Use the HacWare insights to grow your offerings fast.


Reduction in Malware Outbreaks.

Your users are the most important part of your Cybersecurity stack.

Create a powerful security education system that is Easy, Reliable & Fast.

Save by Building
with Us!

Create personalized phishing campaigns and training solutions in minutes. Our easy integration options allows you to reduce you labor cost by 40%.


Annual SAT Labor Expenses


Savings using other SAT vendors


Savings using HacWare AI


Don’t Just Take Our Words For It

Mike S.

CyberSecurity Director, Global Retailer

In my opinion, HacWare’s secret sauce is their ability to use a combination of phishing intel, user behavior, and machine learning to dynamically build phishing exercises for end users...

Roy Richardson

Managing Partner, Aurora InfoTech

I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at the method used for phishing emails (alias from a recent sender) – I’ve not seen other platforms do this…
Pretty darn clever!

Josh Wiess

President, LA Creative Technologies

Nice work getting the real company domains into these [phishing messages]


Effective Security Education.
When it matters!


Vulnerable Behaviors
Identified monthly.


Phishing Messages Mined Daily.


Protected from
from Ransomware & Phishing Losses


Saved on management and Labor cost.

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