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Our partner program allows for easy client management of our AI-driven phishing simulations and training platform.

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We aim for HacWare to be the easiest vendor you’ve ever worked with and the fastest sale you’ve ever made.


Advanced Automation

Intelligent technology that saves you time & money by automating phishing simulations, training rollout, reminders, and failure escalations.


Entertaining Videos

Our ever-growing library of training videos are all less than 3 minutes and fun to watch, making it easy to meet mandatory training requirements.


Competitive Pricing

Affordable and straightforward license management with no minimum seat counts and tier-based discounts to grow with you.


Sales Support

Our responsive team will provide sales training, create custom resources, and even assist in your demo calls to get you closer to the close.


30-Day Client Trials

Give your potential clients no-commitment 30-day trials to fully demonstrate how the platform will work for them, making it easy to convert.


Up-To-Date Content

Our simulations and training are regularly refreshed with current threats from our dark web monitoring, so your users are always prepared.

Cybersecurity Insurance Compliant

Looking for an education solution to satisfy your cybersecurity insurance requirements? HacWare checks all the boxes so you can stay protected and educated.

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