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Researching Cybersecurity's stance on the Black Lives Matter movement

Research conducted June 1 - June 19, 2020

Top 250 Cybersecurity Companies

HacWare researchers reviewed the top 250 cybersecurity companies public stance on systemic racism and how it could impact information security. We reviewed the top 100 managed security service providers based on MSSP Alert's Top 200 MSSPs for 2019 list. Then, we reviewed the Top 150 cybersecurity software companies based on Cybersecurity Magazines's Hot 150 Cybersecurity companies in 2020 list. Our researchers reviewed Twitter accounts for 250 cybersecurity companies from June 1 to June 19, 2020, for information on systemic racism, police brutality, and Black Lives Matter (BLM).



The research showed that out of the top 250 cybersecurity companies in the world, only 27% stated publically on Twitter that they support the Black Lives Matter movement or that they stand against systemic racism. Our research also uncovered that there is a lack of threat intelligence and education around threats targeting the Black Lives Matter movement. Only 4% of the top 250 cybersecurity companies used their Twitter account to educate their audience on phishing threats targeting this movement.


We stand against systemic racism. We know silence is apart of the problem. We believe that it is our duty to collect and share all threat information to protect and promote information security. We are challenging all cybersecurity companies to collect and share all threat intelligence information to improve information security for all.


List of Cybersecurity Companies and their public stance on Black Lives Matter.

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