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Main roles


Project timeline

Mintor is a CRM tool designed to give instructors, a way to find & manage clients, create their schedule and accept payments.

The challenge

The Mintor project was divided into two parts the user interface and the server side. The founder of Mintor Jarrod Ausborne hired to build a scalable and secure Application Programming Interface (API) that would power a Web and Mobile application. Mr. Ausborne is an award winning UI / UX designer that was recognized by Forbes magazine for his work and his company had a capable front-end team that was building the user interface for Mintor. The challenging part of this project was ensure that communication between Mintor's development team, and Hacware's team was efficient and timely.

The solution

Hacware worked with the front - end team to understand the infrastructure needs for the application. We also worked to understand the founders vision for the application and then created technical requirements for how to build the server side application. Hacware created a scalable and high performance backend using NodeJS, ExpressJS, Postgres Database and the SequealizeJS Object Relational Mapper. The API is hosted on a Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Hacware's team is Security + certified by CompTIA. On the Mintor project, Hacware created a API that promoted security because the endpoints required valid JSON Web tokens in the header of each endpoint request to ensure that the user interface had the proper authority to access the endpoint's resources.

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