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DAYTIMELINE is an innovative self improvement platform to connect people with a world class mentor. The platform utilizes an autonomous approach to mentorship because the mentor setups the mentoring programing to run on autopilot. This platform provides mentors with a scalable way to share their success plan with a large number of mentees.

Launch project

The challenge

Hacware’s engineering team understands that challenges are apart of the process to creating an innovative custom application. We are honored that the founder, Banks Windle, trusted us with his concept for DayTimeline. Banks provided us with hand sketches for the product. Our design team reviewed the sketches and had a requirements discovery session with the client to better understand Banks’ vision for DayTimeline.

After the requirements discovery phase, We learned that the application user interface must be visually appealing on a Desktop, laptop, and all mobile devices. One of the challenging parts of developing DayTimeline was creating a timeline that would be easy to read on small 468 pixel mobile screen. Then, display two timelines on a mobile screen when the user was engaging in the mentoring aspect of the application. The goal was to create a user interface timeline that could display images, text, and also audio messages.

The solution

Hacware strives to provide innovative results -driven solutions on every project. On the DayTimeline project, we took time to understand the target users behaviors on similar applications like Twitter to anticipate the type of experience they would want on DayTimeline. We learned that the users are short on time and would be frequently checking the application to ensure they are following the steps of their mentor. They would need a initiative and minimalistic design that visually guided them through the DayTimeline application. We also researched the color scheme that would psychologically communicate growth, self improvement, and movement.

The Daytimeline application is a responsive web application using HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap, and Materialize on the front end. The server - side code is hosted on a AWS Elastic Cloud. The server side code is powered by the scalable and modern javascript programming language, ExpressJS. Daytimeline is powered by the NodeJS runtime environment and the application communicates with the robust Postgres Database using SequealizeJS. Hacware surpassed the initial Daytimeline challenges by providing transparent and innovative solutions to our client. This allow us to develop a beautiful application on - time and within our clients budget.

Hacware designed this application to make finding a mentor simple to foster meaningful connections. This is why the mentor search is on the dashboard. There is also a mentor icon on the navigation bar to allow a user to quickly find a mentor.

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