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Main roles


Project timeline

Daughters Against Breast Cancer is a platform that provides wellness education and support for women with a first-degree relative (mother, sister, or daughter) with breast cancer. Daughters Against Breast Cancer offers free and low-cost education and community outreach programs to give every daughter the opportunity to lower their risk of cancer.

Launch project

The challenge

Hacware really connected with the mission of Daughters Against Breast Cancer because breast cancer has impacted so many women and men. So providing a online community directly matched Hacware’s mission of creating technology to propel society forward.

The founder of Daughters Against Breast Cancer reached out to Hacware to rebrand the existing web platform. The site lacked a professional presence, the site navigation was cumbersome, and many of the features did no work.

The solution

Hacware worked with the founder and Daughters Against Breast Cancer team to identify screens for rebranding and screens to eliminated. We decided to keep the landing, mission, board of directors, Get Involved, and contact page. We also make it easy to donate and promote the platform on Twitter and Facebook.

Hacware provided a custom WordPress solution using HTML5, CSS3, and PHP. The platform stores its data in a MySQL database.

The results

Now that the rebranding is complete, Daughters Against Breast Cancer is building its community. The platform now allows users to shop for appearral, accept online donations and provide sponsorship opportunities to support their efforts. The social media features on the platform has allowed Daughters Against Breast Cancer to organically grow and better support the community.

Hacware designed the platform to highlight the brand. The logo was repositioned and a white background was added to better promote brand recognition. Hacware also added a multi-contributor blog to the site to allow Daughters Against Breast Cancer visitors to get content from different wellness experts to further educate about risks and prevention.

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