We understand the latest Anti-Phishing trends and techniques to protect your organization from social engineering

What is Phishing?

Phishing, put simply, is a form of social engineering in which a fraudulent email or message is sent by an individual pretending to be someone they are not.
Spear Phishing a form of phishing in which specific individuals are targeted.

Insider threats are costly to your Organization

An average of 85 percent of organizations has experienced phishing attacks, many of which are highly sophisticated and personalized to their targets. The average cost per data breach is $3.62 million dollars.

Hacware-Autonomous Anti-Pishing Software

Hacware uses advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing to protect your organization's email from phishing.

How does Hacware protect against Phishing?

Hacware uses an Artifical Intelligence that emulates a phisher's cognitive behavior to socially engineer your employees in an attempt to gain access to sensitive information. Then it reports findings for targeted training programs.

Hacware is a highly effective tool for identifing Zero-Day threats to prevent data breaches. It's advanced recommendation engine will suggest cyberprograms to train employees and increase cybersecurity awareness.

How will my organization benefit from utilizing Hacware?

Protect your Resources

Hacware will reduce the risk of a data breach within your organization which will save your organization millions of dollars.

Reduce Training Cost

Hacware will reduce your training cost and increasethe effectiveness of your cyber programs. Hacware's innovative technology will identify insider threats for targeted training and its reinforcement technology will ensure that it becomes adopted by your employees.

GDPR, NIST, and HIPPA Compliant

Hacware will keep your employees in compliance with NIST, HIPPA, and GDPR. Hacware's analytics andreporting technology will allow your organization to show your customers the work you are doing toprotect their data.